What is NeuroCapital?


Via scientific research into basic brain functioning, mental processes and the associated physical responses (neuroscience), a discipline has emerged that is revolutionising business at all levels. This is neurocapital.

For our purposes, neurocapital refers to insight and understanding into human thinking and behaviour, as well as how these underpin all other capital in existence: financial, human, social, psychological.

Neurocapital is now recognised by specialists as one of the most profound forms of capital to date. Why? Because the mind-brain-body connection has been shown to serve as the basis of human enterprise.

Where did this niche come from?

During the last two decades, scientists have gained a more accurate view of human nature and behaviour change by integrating psychology (the study of the mind and behaviour) and neuroscience (the study of the anatomy and physiology of the brain).

Researchers are developing a growing body of work linking the brain (the organ) with the mind (the human consciousness that thinks, feels, acts, and perceives).

Obviously, this research is highly relevant for organisational leaders, because it is becoming increasingly clear that human behaviour in the workplace doesn’t work the way many leaders think it does. And that perspective needs help to change.