Our Events


NeuroCapital works with groups and teams to increase business performance by using validated, brain-friendly leadership and team interventions.

These include:
  • Power talks (1 hour)
  • Express workshops (4 hours)
  • Mastery series (4 days)
Topics include:
  • Team Alignment: Getting on with Others
  • Staying Cool under Pressure: Emotional Savvy
  • Using Neurocapital to Build Human Capital & Organisational Outperformance
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership
  • The Neuroscience of Change
  • The Neuroscience of Goals & Performance
  • The Resourcefulness Challenge

All events and interventions can be customised by NeuroCapital to accommodate different requirements, scopes and time scales.

About The Resourcefulness Challenge

The resourcefulness challenge is our signature process for developing a resourceful mindset; i.e., for ‘getting things done with what is already there’.

The programme, ideal for intact teams, is co-created with the client using resourcefulness assessments, group resourcefulness sessions/retreats, individual resourcefulness coaching and finally the Resourcefulness Challenge itself.

Individual growth is enhanced via a focus on positive personal character traits, thinking and behaviour.

This can be shifted by:
  • Individual directed attention (“neuroplasticity”);
  • Individual motivation that comes from personal purpose and meaning; and
  • Understanding of the connection between mind, brain and relationships.

In this latter stage, each participant identifies and drives a goal that contributes to the workplace and builds personal meaning. These insights and practices are then explored and experienced in a way that is relevant for that team.