Human Capital Value Chain

In a highly competitive global marketplace, each form of capital – financial, human, social, and psychological – can serve as a rich source of business advantage. For this reason, leveraging capital is an on-going imperative of business leadership. But doing so is hard, because it often requires changing the way hundreds of people think and behave. And no-one likes change.

Our focus is ‘neurocapital’ – the major resource that emerges from the effective use of human thinking and behaviour – and helping clients maximise it. Our company, NeuroCapital works with groups and teams to increase business performance via validated and brain-friendly leadership and team interventions.

These interventions use the understanding and practice of mind-brain-body functioning to emphasise the personal resources of inner potential and meaning.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

Valuable Techniques

This is one of the best programs that I’ve ever attended. I’ve learned valuable techniques that I have been able to apply in the work world and my personal life. I would advise everyone to take this course and apply it to their daily lives.

-Operations Director
Famous Brands

The Resourcefulness Challenge

The resourcefulness challenge is unique: it moves way beyond theory. I would recommend this program to my peers.

First National Bank (FNB)

Revolutionary Approach

A revolutionary approach!

-Assistant Director
Department of Defense